Video Series - Spotlight

The star of the show gets pummeled!

Spotlight Series

All eyes on one! Spotlight is just that: we gather all the best scenes from your favorite athlethe/fighter and present them to you! We also throw-in a couple of special cut scenes not found in the other series.

If you're a fan of our athlethes/fighters, then you'll definitely want to check out their spotlight videos!

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GP Spotlight - Knee Strikes Special (FREE!!!)


For fans who dig knee strike action to the gut - this is YOUR TREAT! Watch how our fighters' abs get pummeled hard with a flurry of knees sinking into their ab muscles! Will their 6-pack abs take such brutal force?

This video is both in standard (SD) 720p and 1080p HD version (in Gumroad). Both are free, but for the HD-version, any amount you can donate and give to help fund our filming work is greatly appreciated!

A Must-see Special Video - Available NOW!!!

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Mateo the Boxer

Our first featured fighter on the Spotlight Series, Mateo is a tru-blu boxer at his prime. With a solid body and chiseled 6-pack abs, he puts it to the test as he spars with our other fighters. Will his ripped ab muscles withstand all the punishment? Or will it be too much even for a cut-up boxer like him?

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