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About Our Videos

We are aware of the myriad of content out there; however, our style differs from most content in that:
  • The way we use and move our camera to get the desired shot/angles
  • Our use of storylines and themes (e.g., gym, basketball, etc.)
  • Realism in the action scenes we capture
Of course, the fastest way to answer this question would be to invite you to check out our videos and see for yourself our videography style.

We are already planning various short films (>25 mins long) that feature a mix of various themes and settings to cover a wider variety of fans.
Our videos (including the interactive ones) are fight scenes that focus on hits and strikes to the abs and body. We do not produce videos that are sexual/porn in-nature.
Some videos produced by folks out there that show fake hits (meaning, there is no real contact with the abs from a strike) are quite noticeable. Like any action scene being filmed, we expect a level of realism where there is contact. We do this in a way that is visually appealing but within the bounds of safety. As such, we film our scenes where we sacrifice neither quality of the shot nor the physical safety of our participants.
Simple stated, we believe our videos are different, and thus to produce more quality videos we would need to sell them.

Everyone knows that time, effort and money are all involved into producing any original content. With our aim to produce the level of quality and continuity for our videos, we thus ask for a reasonable fee (mostly the cost of a Grande Frapuccino®) from our fans/patrons who’d want to own a copy of one of our videos.

Free videos (with some that we observed) sometimes disappear from streaming services. With our videos, you can be assured that they remain posted for everyone to view.

If you do purchase our videos, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Also, did we forget to mention we're the pioneer for utilizing interactive videos for this genre? ;)

Contacting Video Participants

Send us your comments at Please specify the film title and any details you want to cover.
Send us a scene request at Please specify which actor(s)/participant(s) you want us to film.

Normally, the output of scene requests will be published for sale to the public. However, we can also accommodate requests that are for anyone’s personal copy only (i.e., will not be sold to the public).
We’ll be setting-up an email address for each of our mainstays, but for now please send your fan mail at (we’ll make sure they’ll get your fan mail).

Content Contributions

Thank you for considering us! We are more than happy to showcase your work in our site. Please send us an email at and we’ll contact you shortly to discuss the various collaboration details.
Any content that is sexual in-nature is not allowed. As for any extreme violence-related content (i.e., gut evisceration or “slasher-type” scenes), we’re considering to display those but in their own separate section (currently not at this time).
Yes. We make sure all contributors are properly identified and credited.

Content Copyright

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