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GP Community Collaboration. We at believe in fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation among fans. As such, we have dedicated this Web links page to list fan websites that feature unique and quality content.

Please support the community by checking out and visiting these excellent sites!

GutPunching Boyz

  Created by: GutPunching Boyz
  Sub-genre: Video/Endurance

With a wide collection of gut punching videos featuring ripped models, this is where you get to see hard-core, real GP endurance and exchange sessions! Check out their awesome Gumroad page!

Loco Flex (YouTube Channel)

  Created by: Carlos Privat
  Sub-genre: Animation (drawn)

This channel presents hand-drawn animation featuring the adventures of Loco Flex, the main protagonist who belongs to the Strong-Boy race. The opponent race, known as Mega-Ape race, are huge creatures. Will Loco Flex and his friends stand a chance against the awesome strength of the Mega-Apes?

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