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About GPFanVids.com

History and Mission

GPFanVids.com is a fan site made by gut punching/gut kneeing fans around the world. Aside from making our own quality videos, we collborate with other fans and present their content and links as well.

We started with the notion of creating various content that fans across the fanbase would appreciate. Although we have a good idea of the content (as we are fans ourselves), we nevertheless reach out to other fans to get their input.

Thus this site came about as the effort of not just one but a community of one - with the goal of creating a place to contribute and appreciate each other's contribution.


We would like this site to be a place where fans come to visit, browse, and enjoy not only the work we offer, but the work of fellow fans who contribute.

As for the videos and other content we create, we strive to provide the fandom the quality it deserves. Our commitment to quality is conveyed in how we produce our content, with the intent of continuous improvement.

As GPFanVids.com relies on fostering healthy collaboration among fans, we are defintely more than happy to hear out your comments, suggestions, recommendations - even criticisms. Any way we can help make this place better for fans would be a welcome word!

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As we want to continue providing a venue for fans to enjoy, we need your support!

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