Video Series - Endurance Match

Punch out till they tap out!

The Endurance Matches

Gutpunching done the 'ol fashion way! A one-on-one versus battle where opponents face each other and slug it out to see which one has the tougher abs! Each match consist of two rounds, with different opponents per round.

Who'll be the last one standing? Or who'll be the one holding his abs in pain?

Image19:26 $3.95

Endurance: Tatted Fighters! (NEW!!)

  Round 1: Johnny vs. Jerr
  Round 2: Mark vs. Bryan
  Round 3: Mark vs. Mateo

We found some of the most badass fighters with tattoos to slug it out and see who's the toughest mofo!

A must-see HD video, featuring authentic fight sounds capturing all the grunts and body hits! Over 25 minutes of thug action!

Image11 mins 33 sec $3.95

Endurance Back-to-Back #1

  Round 1: Mateo vs. Melbert
  Round 2: Tonyo vs. David

A square-off between our most fittest fighters. See how these cut boxers test their abs in a gruesome punching match!

Image9 mins 35 sec $3.25

Endurance Back-to-Back #2

  Round 1: Paul vs. Gani
  Round 2: Tonyo vs. Zedric

A bit of a mix here between bigger vs. smaller fighters. Doesn't matter tho-it's a slugfest all the same!

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