Video Series - Big Vs. Small

Where 6-packs get pounded!

Big Vs. Small

Gut punch bashing at its best! Yes - you know you'd want to see an uneven matchup between a smaller dude with a six-pack versus a bigger opponent pounding on those abs. And yes - we give them to you right here!

Will his ripped abs matter against the relentess beating?

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Big Vs Small #1

  Round 1: Zedric vs. Melbert, Tonyo and Paul
  Round 2: Gadge vs. Sonny

In Round 1, Zedric takes on three of our fit fighters, while Round 2 shows the square-off between 6'3" bodybuilder Sonny vs. the slim kenpo guy Gadge.

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Big Vs Small #2

  Round 1: Gani vs. Mateo
  Round 2: Gani vs. Melbert and Paul

Gani, a 6'2" fighter, takes on Mateo, Melbert and Paul. Can any of them stand Gani's fist?

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