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Exclusive only to!! Go beyond merely watching your favorite videos to actually engaging in the action yourself as a PUNCHER! Start by choosing which hand wrap or gloves you'll wear, then just click on the on-screen choices whether to punch, knee or kick the punchee's abs!

The first and only one to provide interactive gut punching/gut kneeing videos, offers this cutting-edge content for fans to enjoy.

And YES - it's FINALLY HERE!!! Click on the pic below to open a new tab for streaming the Interactive Video Demo/Sampler.

(Note: Interactive videos can only be viewed through streaming and not downloading.)

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Interactive Video Sample #1

Dave, a tough MMA guy, has allowed us to punch his abs for this first iVideo salvo! Starting with a boxing glove, pick and choose whether to punch Dave's abs using Light, Medium, or Heavy punches! End with a flurry of punches and see how tough Dave's abs are against your fist!

For this interactive video sample:

  • You'll punch using boxing gloves only; the other 2 gloves are available in the full video.
  • Select the intensity of your punches - these are given to you as choices along the video.
  • Most often, you are allowed to repeat the set of punches you just gave.
  • In the full video, you'll also be given the choice to do knee and elbow strikes.
  • 5+ minutes runtime if you go through all punches at least once (intro and outro time not included).

The full interactive video will be coming soon!

Please email us at to report any streaming issues to better optimize this unique experience.
We have more interactive videos coming up! Please stay tuned and visit us often!

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