Video Series - Abdomination

Non-stop gut punishment!

The Ab-domination Series

The Domination of Abs! We know - it's not a misspelling. We intentionally put those two words together to mean the helpless domination of these ripped abs. Whether they be basketball players, athlethes, boxers or MMA fighters, their chiseled gut are of no use!

Featuring our most ripped fighters and athlethes, watch how their abs get the ab-domination it deserves!

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The Ab-domination of Mateo (NEW!!)

  Sparring with Alde
  Match 1: Mateo vs. Gani
  Match 2: Mateo vs. Gani and Edz (2 vs. 1)
  Match 3: Mateo vs. Mark and Jerr (2 vs. 1)

It's Mateo on the chopping block! Watch how this boxer's 6-pack abs gets pummeled in three (plus one) rounds of punishment!

Featuring updated fight footage and live in-fight audio (actual punch and kick sounds captured). Over 17+ minutes of non-stop gut-wrenching action in full HD!

This is one sought-after video you defintely must not fail to see!


The Ab-Domination of Rey (NEW!!!)

  Match 1: Rey vs. Kyx
  Match 2: Rey vs. Mark and Bryan (2 vs. 1)

Rey is an all-around athlete: basketball player, boxer, swimmer. Thin but strong and with a solid 6-pack, can his chiseled body withstand the punches and kicks of opponents twice his build?

A Must-see Special Video - Available NOW!!!

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Teaser Trailer

This one's on the house! Over 2-and-a-half minutes of non-stop gut-punching and gut-kneeing action previewing this video series. Enjoy!

Image>2:07 mins FREE PREVIEW

Knee Strikes to the Gut!

Gut knees. Knee strikes. Whatever the correct term used, you know you want to see abs being hit by the knees! Here are some cut-scenes from various reels. You'll be seeing more knee strikes filmed in all videos, moving forward!

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